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Daddys Lanka Autism Centre

"When faced with the unexpected and uncertain, instead of drowning in the question, we need to find the answer. It may be difficult. We might want to give up. But the answer is definitely out there. Just keep searching for it, intelligently." 
-Dr. Sudath Damsinghe

DaddysLanka Autism Centre understands your child. From this understanding, we give your child the best care we can. We help your child more than anyone else can. You can think of us as an autism school, an autism therapy centre, and an autism care centre all at the same time.


We provide total care for autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD and other developmental and educational disorders, parental training, individually customized therapeutic programs, in-house therapy intervention, assessment of your child, and continuous monitoring of your child's care and your child's progress.

​At DaddysLanka, we promise the best for your child. That is why we offer our services to you, right at your fingertips. With our online program, you can access our services, wherever you are in the world. Because we care for your child. Whoever you are.

Reach Us

​DaddysLanka Autism Centre,
14/3 A,
​Pengiriwatte Mawatha,
Sri Lanka

+94 (0)71 681 2524 (English) /+94 (0)71 681 2522 (Sinhala)

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