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Early Intervention Centre

As autism is a disorder that traverses throughout a child's life, it is important to start care as early as possible. Daddys Lanka offers specialised early intervention programmes that serve to help your autistic child at the very beginning.

The early childhood period starting from age two onwards, is a critical period in the development of any child. For a child with a condition such as autism, it becomes even more vital. Early intervention is especially important for a child with higher levels of autism (Click here to learn more about autism and its levels), but is highly recommended for any child with an autistic diagnosis. 

We recommend that any autistic child from two to ten years take part in early intervention programmes, so that their basic therapeutic requirements can be met before moving onto a more advanced therapeutic approach.

What do we do?

At Daddys Lanka Autism Centre, we offer a wide range of therapeutic techniques that are specially geared towards early intervention. If you choose to follow on with our recommended centre-based programmes (Click here to learn more about how we can help your child), you may enroll your child at our specialised early intervention therapy centre.

Early intervention programmes include a heavy focus on fundamental skills correction, multi sensory integration therapy, and basic motor planning. Following this, more activity oriented therapeutic programmes are undertaken, to help your child deal with the conditions of autism, as well as helping your child to live a full life as well. All therapy is carried out according to the SPEAD therapy system (Click here to learn more about the SPEAD therapy system).

At our specialised early intervention centre, your child will receive therapeutic attention primarily in a one-on-one setting, with our trained therapists and psychologists working with individual children. Children will also receive group therapy at appropriate periods. Therapy will include the use of sensory technology as well as a plethora of materials prepared by our trained teams. 

​Get started with our programme as soon as possible to ensure the optimal care for your child! Find out how to contact us here and reserve an appointment as soon as you can.

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