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Who are we?

​For over 15 years, Daddys Lanka Autism Centre has been providing care and treatment for children with autism and other special needs. We've cared for over 5000 children in such a short period. From our base in Sri Lanka, we've cared for children from all over the world. Parents from Sri Lanka, India, the UAE, Australia, the UK, the USA, Italy, and New Zealand have all come to us so that we can help their children. Right now, we provide care to over 300 children.

Our care is provided by a well trained team of qualified psychologists, and professional therapists. Our care is based on an intervention program (known as SPEAD), designed by a team of doctors, which is highly specialized, highly individualized, and highly unique. Our system has brought much relief to parents and children over the years, and we do hope to bring this same joy to you and your child too. We also focus care on training parents in order to carry out their own home based therapy, to ensure your child gets the best care, at all times.

​Daddys Lanka has also being extremely influential in the field of special needs awareness within the region. We have carried out numerous campaigns to educate people about autism and other special needs throughout Sri Lanka, and have been involved with many TV, radio, and newspaper programs to this end. We have also prepared competency standards related to preschool and school education with regards to handling special needs children, for both educational and healthcare professionals. We also carry out workshops and seminars throughout schools, organizations, and for the general public, as a means of awareness, and to bring light to the situation of special needs. We make sure our care is not limited to just therapy, but to the overall picture and the lives of your children as a whole.

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