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Centre Based Therapy

Our programmes for centre-based therapy are at the core of what we can offer in care for your child. From an initial assessment onto specific quarterly and annual goals carried out by our trained therapists under the SPEAD® therapy system, we assure optimal customised care for your child.

Initial assessment

At the very beginning of being welcomed into our therapy system, we will carry out an assessment of your child. After visiting our centre, a doctor trained in special needs and with an abundance of experience will carry out the initial assessment, and identify all key areas that need to be addressed and optimal ways in which this can be carried out. We will also discuss all other things that can be done in the mean time, and we will not limit our care purely to the therapy sessions that we will provide.


After we complete the assessment for your child, a doctor will set up short term and long term goals for your child. Each of these goals will be geared towards all aspects of care and development, and will be in accordance with the 10 domains of the SPEAD® therapy system. The long term goals will be annual goals, while the short term goals will be progressive quarterly goals in order to reach the annual goals. After careful identification and required precedence is set to these goals, the objective of fulfilling these goals will be given to our trained therapists

Therapy Sessions

The therapy sessions for your child will be carried out by multiple therapists, and depending on the goals identified, this may be either one therapist per session or even multiple therapists at the same session itself. Each therapy session will be overseen by a trained therapy supervisor, who will be ensuring that therapists carry out their sessions to the optimal care needed. The entire therapy programme of your child will be monitored by our doctors, to ensure that therapy occurs in the proper direction, and to ensure any changes are speedily made. All progress in therapy sessions are recorded, and this is used to further formulate therapy activities and therapy goals for your child.


On a quarterly basis, at the end of the time period for the short term goals, we will be carrying out an assessment of your child's progress. These will be carried out by our doctors, and will focus on seeing to what extent goals have been met. The metrics and measures of progress are discussed and explained with the parents, and any adjustments are also carried out as a result of this assessment. Finally, once a year we will carry out an assessment to understand the progress made to reach the long term goals, and further goals and action will be discussed with the parents and put into action as a result. At each instance, all adjustments are made in order to deliver the optimal care for your child.

Home-based care

As a part of our centre based therapy, we also encourage and train parents carry out home-based intervention as well.

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