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Intermediate Intervention Centre

With the growth of an autistic child, the care and development they require changes as well. Therefore, it is important to adjust the therapeutic care provided to meet these changed goals. Daddys Lanka offers specialised late intervention programmes that serve to help your autistic child as they grow older.

The late childhood and adolescence period, from age ten onwards, is a difficult time in the growth of any child. For a child with autism, the period becomes much more crucial. Hence, it is especially vital to ensure that an older autistic child receives the optimal care that they require.

We recommend that any autistic child from ten years onwards take part in late intervention programmes, so that their changing needs are properly met with therapeutic intervention and care.

What do we do?

At Daddys Lanka Autism Centre, we understand the difficulties in caring for an older autistic child and the therapeutic requirements for their care. If you choose to follow on with our recommended centre-based programmes (Click here to learn more about how we can help your child), you may enroll your child at our specialised late intervention therapy centre.

Late intervention programmes are highly specialised and require the use of advanced therapeutic techniques as well as therapeutic technology. They include preparing your child for a school environment, helping your child to understand the world around them, and changing therapeutic techniques to fit changing needs of your child. These programmes are multi-faceted and include many different types of techniques, from educational, to technological, to musical techniques to ensure your child builds the skills they need to live a full life.

At our specialised late intervention centre, your child will receive one-on-one therapeutic care that is conducted in a group setting. Here, children will interact with each other as well, with at least one of our trained therapists and psychologists working with each individual child at a time. Due to the complex needs, we also conduct therapy through a wide variety of technological means, from the use of computers, to projectors, to sensory equipment, to interactive whiteboards. Our therapy centre also has specialised music, occupational therapy, and sensory rooms, so as to ensure your child gets the best care possible in every way possible.

​Get started with our programme as soon as possible to ensure the optimal care for your child! Find out how to contact us here and reserve an appointment as soon as you can.

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