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Parental Training

One of the most important aspects of care for your child, is the care and intervention that will be carried out in a home environment. We believe this is paramount to your child's care since the child will spend far more time at home or in a different environment than with us at the centre. Care for your child is a 24/7 process, and we are here to help you and guide you through every step. 

In order to facilitate care for your child outside the centre environment, we aim to provide parents with the necessary training and understanding to provide as much care as possible, and we humbly boast of one of the best developed parental training programme in the country. We provide 2 main parental training programmes, the 
Professionals Empowering Parents (PEP) programme, and the Problem Oriented Teaching Training and Intervention (POTTI) programme

Our main therapy programme, both at the centre and at home, is based on the SPEAD® therapy system, which has been well established and very successful in providing care for children with special needs for more than 15 years. The core of our training will also, therefore be based on the SPEAD® system.

The training will include insight into the 10 therapy domains of SPEAD®, which include both theoretical concepts as well as practical techniques. The theoretical knowledge is essential for parents to understand the therapy, so that it can be adjusted to suit specific needs, while the practical techniques will serve as a basis from which to carry out both therapy activities and other forms of intervention.

During our training, we will be teaching core issues that need to be identified, and how these issues can be addressed in a home environment, as well as out of home, in what we term as social based therapy. All activities that will be taught are quite easy to understand and carry out, and require minimal resources. Alternative activities and alternative social therapy will also be covered so that every parent regardless of their commitments can ensure the best intervention for their child.

The therapy goals that we include in our centre based therapy will also be taught, and applications of these goals in a home environment will also be underlined. The importance of these goals, as well as their classification under the SPEAD® domains will be discussed as well as specific and generic activities in order to provide care for your child. For example, the domain of fundamentals will have 18 goals to be reached, while communications will have a final goal of functional speech to be reached.

Our parental training programme will be carried out at regular intervals. Please contact us here to learn more, and to reserve a seat!

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