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Our Services

At DaddysLanka, we care about your child. The services we offer are all tailored to the situations you and your child will face, and we believe we can offer the best your child can get.


Online home-based intervention plans

This programme is for both local and foreign parents who might find it difficult to regularly visit our therapy centre for their child's care. We will constantly monitor your child's progress, in order to ensure optimal care.

Art Fun

Centre-based therapy intervention plans

This programme is aimed for parents who can regularly visit our centre for therapy to be carried out by our trained professionals. This can also be integrated with home based intervention.

Autism Therapy

Parental training programmes

This is one of the most important programmes we offer. This ensures that parents gain enough knowledge and training in therapy intervention to give their child around the clock care.

Certificate and diploma courses in special needs

This programme is aimed at therapists, teachers, and other professionals. We offer certificate and diploma courses in both general special needs or with emphasis on autism.

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