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About Autism


Autism is a childhood developmental disorder which affects three major domains of development.

  1. Social communication

  2. Social interaction

  3. Behaviour​

This is presented in several ways.

  1. Loss of speech or speech delay

  2. Lack of reciprocity in emotions and communication

  3. Poor or absent eye contact

  4. Lack of sensible understanding of the environment

  5. Poor adaptation to environment

  6. Extreme emotional disturbance

  7. Unable to point at things in the environment or inability look at the things when shown

  8. Repetitive vocal or motor behaviour

  9. Fixations on objects or rituals

  10. Poor non-verbal communication in terms of gestures, facial expression etc.

  11. Unusual body movements and sounds

Above features will strongly suggest that the particular child has a higher tendency of having autism.

What next?

A high degree of suspicion is the key of entry. When that is suspected the next step would be to seek medical advice. After having done that comes the most important part of the approach which is the assessment. Various centres throughout the world design various techniques for this and the time taken may also vary depending on the centre.

At DaddysLanka Autism Centre in Sri Lanka we have designed a quick assessment method which gives faster and accurate insight into the problem.

Once the assessment is properly done we plan an Individualized Educational and Therapeutic Program. (I.E. & T.P.) This is done by our group of highly trained and qualified Autism Team. This is the Autism Therapy Program.

The program is never completed without continuous supervision and regular re-assessment which we do with utmost care and responsibility.

Our aims include:

  1. Socialization

  2. Self-Help Development

  3. Cognitive Development

  4. Speech and Language Development

  5. Integration to normal education stream

  6. Social skills Development

  7. Sensory Integration

  8. Self-control of emotions and behaviours

If you or anyone known to you is experiencing the difficulties of an autistic child please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than willing to help and guide you. Your confidentiality is guaranteed. Please contact us immediately. You are not yet late.

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