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Online Care

We understand that for everyone, visiting us regularly is not the easiest task, especially if you are not from Sri Lanka. Therefore we have undertaken a responsibility to provide care not only to those who can reach us, but also to those whom we can reach. 

Our online programme is 4 fold. 


  1. First you may identify certain "at risk" behaviours to see whether your child has special needs. You may refer to our list of behaviours here. If you believe that your child shows some of these behaviours, we recommend that you move onto to the next step of our online programme.

  2. Secondly, after you have identified risk behaviours, you may take our medically designed questionnaire here. Please note that while this is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis, we can suggest whether a diagnosis would be necessary or whether it seems to only be a few isolated incidents. If a diagnosis is necessary, we recommend that you immediately seek a diagnosis from a medical professional convenient to you.

  3. Thirdly, once you have obtained a diagnosis, you may enter our detailed programme. We will carry out a detailed assessment of your child along with your help, and we will create therapy goals to be acheived. We will then carry out periodic assessments to ensure that your child does receive the optimal care that they can.

  4. Fourthly, we will provide online training for parents, since we believe that home based care can work wonders for any child with special needs. Please visit here to learn more about our parental training programme.

Get started with our programme as soon as possible to ensure the optimal care for you child! Find out how to contact us here to learn more.

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